Allison Briggs, M. Ed, PSC, LPC

Allison Briggs is a Board Certified and Licensed Professional Counselor (#73047) in the state of Texas. She graduated in 2005 from the University of St. Thomas with her Masters of Education in Counseling. She has nine years experience as a professional school counselor, eight years of experience as a school parent coordinator and 504 coordinator, and a total of nineteen years experience in the education system.​​

Allison went into private practice in June of 2017 and has been working with both adults and children since that time who struggle with self-worth due to trauma, or a disability. She has taken an interest in how trauma can impact the brain and can manifest as anxiety, depression, Co-Dependency, PTSD, ADHD like traits, or any other number of issues. She is trained in using EMDR as a way to help clients process traumatic experiences so that instead of simply learning to manage symptoms, they can once and for all rid themselves of baggage that holds them back and go on to live a rich and fulfilling life.

In addition to her background in education and counseling, Allison also served two years of Peace Corps service as a community outreach coordinator and teacher advisor in Thailand, and two years as a Crisis Hotline Counselor for Crisis Intervention Houston. In traveling overseas and working with different cultures, as well as her time as a crisis counselor, she grew a deep appreciation and value for different cultures and different value systems. At the same time, she came to realize people are more alike than they are different. Everyone craves human connection, meaning, belonging, and a reminder that they are inherently worthy, lovable, and valuable. 


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