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Do you ever feel lonely or empty even when you're surrounded by friends or family? Do you worry that people judge you or do you feel misunderstood by others, but deeply want to connect with others? Do you notice yourself trying to please others in order to belong or find yourself in unhealthy and destructive relationships, friendships, or work situations giving and giving, only to be left feeling that you are still too much or not enough for others? You may feel devalued or less than when things are going bad in your relationships or at work, but then feel good when things are going good in your relationships or at work and this can feel like a roller coaster ride. You might sometimes hear this negative inner voice that you're not enough, you're defective, a failure, or inferior. You may have come here looking for answers to cope with depression or anxiety, but perhaps a deep sense of unworthiness is underlying all of that. If this isn't you, but you see your pre-teen or teen struggling with these very issues because of a disability, a bad relationship with a parent, or bullying at school I work with both adults and children who struggle with these issues.​​

More specifically, I specialize in working with pre-teens, teens and adults in helping them overcome barriers that can block them from experiencing true joy and peace by providing tools to help build a secure and accurate self-concept. With both children and adults, my aim is to create a space for you to process feelings and instill hope and encouragement, while also working together to find solutions to the difficulties you are currently struggling with and to add new tools to your current emotional tool box so that triggers of sadness, fear, or anger happen less and less frequently over time. For those who are in need of a more flexible schedule not only do I offer office appointments, but I also offer online therapy as well through a hipaa confidential and secure platform. I currently have evenings, daytime, and weekend appointments available.

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Located at Shadowbend Office Park:
150 West Shadowbend Ave, Ste 200, Friendswood, TX 77546.

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