Do you feel trapped coping day to day with your life and the people in it? Do you feel like you get angry easily and don't know why? Do you feel guilt for your anger, and fear for your sadness and find yourself busy distracting to avoid those feelings? Perhaps you give and give and there's nothing ever left for you at the end of all that giving and you wonder when it will be your turn to receive. Perhaps you have a hard time saying no. You may also feel like you are not enough as you are and that you are constantly having to do or be something for yet one other person. You might have come here because you are anxious and depressed and feel like there is no hope left. 

I understand what you're going through because I have had the same struggles you now find yourself facing. Many of the issues above are symptoms of co-dependency and low self-worth.

People who are co-dependent:

                 1. Seek external validation and approval outside of themselves and from others
                      2. Are usually in a pattern of abusive, troubled, or narcissistic relationships
                      3. Caretake and then becoming martyrs
                      4. Typically come from an abusive or troubled childhood where their emotional needs were not met
                      5. Self-abuse with shame and guilt
                      6. Manipulate and control others with shame and guilt
                      7. Find it hard to be alone
                      8. Find it hard to identify what they need and to state it, or diminish and invalidate their needs

In spite of some of the challenges people with co-dependent patterns might face, most co-dependents are also some of the most compassionate, responsible, and caring individuals as well. The problem is they have learned to abuse themselves by surrounding themselves with toxic people and allowing harmful thoughts to dictate their inner  state and drive them to give until they are depleted, angry, and their emotional and physical health have been affected, hoping that eventually they will get the love they have been looking for for so long. My goal in working with you is to remind you of your resiliency while also supporting you and helping you find your authentic self, your truth, and your inherent worth. You may have been looking outside yourself for so long for all the answers to happiness, love and acceptance unaware that you have all the answers and tools and strength you need inside of your self. You just need someone to help you uncover those tools and that is how I can help.

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